Often together with a co-teacher for many years I taught at several post-doctoral training institutions for Mental Healthcare psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Furthermore I give In-company workshops in Schema therapy.

Schema Therapy Workshop

Alone or together with Jenny Broersen, GZ-psychologist / psychotherapist, supervisor ST (ISST) / supervisor Dutch Association of CBT, I give workshops on Schema therapy (basic worshop, workshops for specific disorders) and Schema group therapy. Our courses meet the requirements for accreditation of the ISST and the Dutch Association of Schema therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy workshop

Jenny Broersen and I give accredited basic cognitive behavioral trainings. All basic principles of cognitive behavioral therapy are discussed.

IPT group therapy course (book and DVD available)

Dina Snippe, supervisor, group therapy / IPT, and I take care of the course IPT group therapy to RINO NH. This course is also to apply for In-company training.
In this course we use a book and instructional DVD;

  1. D. Snippe (2009). Interpersonal psychotherapy in an outpatient group, a treatment protocol for depression. BSL.
  2. Dina and I have developed a DVD with video clips where you using video clips can see how an IPT group therapy proceeds from start of group therapy to the end. This DVD can be ordered through;

In-company workshops

In recent years, more and more mental health services ask for In-company workshops. An In-company workshop has several advantages;

  1. it is tailor care appropriate to the needs of your institution,
  2. all your professionals get the same guidelines, which promotes uniformity,
  3. an in-company course provides additional team bonding,
  4. when you want to train multiple professionals simultaneously in your institution, an in-company course is cheaper.

It has been found that the above advantages of implementing a desired form of treatment in an institution.

I provide In-company workshop, often together with a fellow teacher.

For detailed information on workshops that are given or the possibility to apply for an in-company workshop fill out the form on this website.

Michiel van Vreeswijk