Good intentions for 2013

The holidays are behind us. Great is the party in recent months promulgated. You could until 31 December 2013 again from health insurance exchange. One after the other insurer came up with the most beautiful spot in which their best wishes for 2013 you voiced. It could not. For little money the best insurance you can get. Specially tailored to your situation.

What you may not know is that behind the world of beautiful images and words a whole other world lies hidden. No, I do not mean your policy. Even though that certainly demands your attention. The small print and read between the lines is a must. Thinking about what you do and do not want to insure and thus how much you plan to own your own risk as to accept. "You can finally not insure against anything ..."

What I me you want to talk about is the health insurance organization which shelter in buildings with dark / mirrored windows. With Section A, B, C, D, E, F, S ...? Who want the care ontschot? YES, THAT.

How is your ontschot the insurer? Have they ever call? Then I recommend you highly. You can even call your health care provider whether your provider has received a contract with them for 2013. Tip: Ask your caregiver to advance the status of contract termination with your health care provider. If you call your insurer and 1 times the person on the line who can answer your question (a unique case) it is likely that the first employee should contact section B, C, D. Chances are that you have a different answer than you have heard from your healthcare provider. Ask us by and say that it did not correspond to what your caregiver has told you. Curious what they like answer. Not satisfied or are you calling not tired? Please call again. Chances are that you have another employee on the line with a completely different answer.

Did you know that the same insurer, who first so did his best to care onschotten because that friendly / accessible for you, and good and cheaper care would deliver precisely the attempt to make partitions? They do this by requiring that contracts with health care programs according to these works (old treatment bulkheads where not the whole man looks and already obsolete by the national multidisciplinary guidelines). You may only have one disease at a time you are having treated. If you have multiple illnesses you have bad luck. Furthermore, by partitioning the insurer increasingly stimulated by only a few centers to treat specific disorders. From the motto that these centers are the only specialists. That, that an incomplete picture is that you continue to travel for? The response of the health care ... Section A policy has not invented, Section B knows nothing, Section C refers to division by Z or another department within the organization as guilty designates whether the government or the caregivers. Well, nice to hear decompartmentalisation in healthcare, pity that not only applies to insurers.

What can you do about it?

Ask your health care provider how many people work with them? How many sections are there? How many managers and directors are there? Then ask how the organization ontschotten go and what they do with the money that is left over ...

Best wishes for 2013!

published on January 2, 2013

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Michiel van Vreeswijk